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Arora 0.10.2 – Moblin

Since I’ve been working on the windows installers for arora – I realized there were no arora rpms for moblin. Presenting arora 0.10.2 rpms on moblin. Fast, lightweight and excellent flash support too (flash seems to play faster in moblin…

OpenOffice 3.2.0 in aLinux

One of those very short postings. I created a metapackage rpm for the Open Office 3.2.0 suite in aLinux and passed it through the contribs section of aLinux. Should have Open Office in aLinux soon enough. Update: Ok, it’s now…

Gambas2 in Moblin; RPMS in Ibiblio

For those who don’t know what Gambas is, it is a free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions. I call it like VB on linux. You can make GUI programs in Qt or GTK+ and save your compiled application in RPM format.

RPM Repository Added

Since I’ve been able to get a new webhost (and lots of space and unlimited bandwidth), I’ve decided to share with you some rpms I’ve compiled and used on the machines I’ve been running.