One of my favorite Open Source Applications has undergone an major version Alpha Release!

Since I’m following Durian open movie project updates, I’m pretty excited what’s in store for 2.5, namely:

  • Updated GUI – the significance of this is that it is completely customizeable, with Python scripting.  Also an overhaul of the GUI has made it better organized and easier to navigate.
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts – I have to admit, using Blender in the past sometimes overwhelms me due to the number of keyboard shortcuts. At least with this, I can assign keys which would be easier to remember.
  • A new Tool System and Data Access architecture.
  • 64 Bit versions are now available for OSX
  • Almost everything is now animateable.
  • Nice additions to the physics engine such as smoke simulation and particle systems.
  • Rendering Improvements and Additions

It is really catching up to commercial software, as it is, and it’s also a small package too (Just 18Mb)!

Look to the blender site for the release logs and the downloads.

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