I’ve been thinking.  I think there’s a small window of opportunity here.

Mainly because since I’m researching on some things, and I’ve got a little spare time on my hands, why not make a Chromium Build?  I’ve got the newest Ubuntu version, some modest harddisk space allocated to it (20Gb), and I’m also curious on how this baby works on my BenQ joybook (I personally have 3 netbooks, BenQ Joybook, Neo Vivid 1100, and the Blue H1).

Should be interesting to see how this would work out, especially on the Blue H1 (which is essentially an One Mini A110 netbook), which is basically a 1st generation netbook (7″ screen), and a Via processor.

So what do you guys think?  It’s a go?  If I have made builds for the Chromium OS, I might become generous enough to upload this for you to tinker and test out.

By the way, if any of you guys have the Blue H1, you should find the A110 wiki interesting enough.  This was made by a Debian developer.  Warning: these are geeky stuff.


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