On my free time, I like testing out and playing games.  This is because, as a wine applications maintainer in the past, I had to cross test between distributions (mainly PCLinuxOS, and sometimes slackware at the time) and new updates to wine (particularly before it reached version 1.0).  Unfortunately, as work went more demanding, I had to leave all these behind.

** Sigh **

I was even surprised when my name came up on the ubuntu forums one time (archived already of course), regarding wine:

They always say I’m from Canada, even if that’s my Last Name 🙂 (Distrowatch got my name wrong too)

Back to the topic, I’m getting offcourse…

Anyways, as I’m mainly in windows for testing games now, I’ve noticed an error in my Vista box lately after I updated my Batman: Arkham Asylum game through Windows Live:  800705b4.  This happens when I log into Windows Live, after which, the game would totally become unresponsive and has to be shut down from Task Manager.

After looking for a solution (this was a very cryptic error message, and many users don’t know what to do with it), I found a solution which works for me: open up the command prompt in administrator mode and type in the commands:

netsh winsock reset


netsh int ip reset

and reboot your pc.

This should fix your Windows Live problems.  As a side note, I find this one to be the best of all the superhero games I’ve seen so far (good story, albeit not for young audiences – stays mostly true to the Dark Knight stories in comics, depth and actually lets you feel you’re Batman – LOL) – and I’ve played quite a number of Batman games for the NES and SNES and Genesis, and a very nice game to see graphically – it puts the Unreal game engine to good use (which is quite impressive because this game is not a First Person Shooter, which I’m not fond of).

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