There’s an interesting writeup by Gabriel Forster in his blog on how he implemented linux on the Christian School that he was teaching in.

He started: “Like many other people, our church and, more importantly, our Christian school, ran the Windows operating system on all computers.”

Basically the computers he had in the school amounted to 40 computers initially, with some 65 computers donated a year ago. The problem that came about was of licensing all those computers. Although they had 100 licenses of Windows 2000, the software was obsolete and unsupported already, and basically, all of their computers don’t have enough processing power in them to handle Windows 7.

In short, they replaced their Operating Systems with Ubuntu, and run their windows software (Rosetta Stone, an online language program for their students in learning new languages, and Firefox) in WINE.

All in all it’s a really pragmatic and practical way to avoid lock-ins and costs. If you want to see the details on how he did it, read about it more in his blog.

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