Well, it’s a short post.

Since I was around the area and was more or less free during the time, I attended a short meeting with a local Linux Users Group at the G2iX Techbar, IT Park, Cebu City, of which I am a member.

There was basically a short talk on Liferay, an Open Source Portal, Collaboration, Social Networking tool written in Java. After the talk was a discussion between the members about activities within the year.

Like I said, nothing much. People like Tom Wickline, head of the Bordeaux Group (a front-end to WINE), and writer to Wine-Reviews attended the meeting.

It also allowed me to show off my netbook running Moblin.

For those who don’t know who G2iX is, they’re a company headquartered in Manila, and specializes in Ruby on Rails development, Java, Dev Automation and Cloud Platform Deployment. They have also received awards like the Top Asian TechnoVisionary Awardee for 2006/2007 by ZDNet Asia, Top 20 Open Source Companies by Red Herring, among others.

2 thoughts on “Just Fun Stuff – LUG Meeting”
  1. Beautiful lappy clint … soooooo organized as well 🙂
    Oh I updated Wine the other day to 1.1.40 I believe.
    Works greaaat.

  2. Yeah, I did notice the aLinux repository was updated yesterday, Jay (and your announcement post on the forums). Thanks!

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