Gambas2 in Moblin; RPMS in Ibiblio

Hi all,

I added Gambas2 for moblin with a few caveats:
– no mysql for gambas
– no kde for gambas
– no firebird for gambas

This is because these libs are not available in the official moblin repository, and I, as much as possible follow dependencies on the main repository.

For those who don’t know what Gambas is, it is a free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions. I call it like VB on linux. You can make GUI programs in Qt or GTK+ and save your compiled application in RPM format.

Also, the moblin repository for ostalks is now in ibiblio. It should be up shortly (I’ll update this blog when the files are fully uploaded).

Update: Moblin rpms are now hosted at ibiblio

Just copy and paste this text for your moblin repository.

name=OStalks Moblin Repo $releasever – $basearch

It should be available here:

Have fun!


  1. clintcan

    Hi Alexander,

    Ooops really made a booboo this time (didn’t copy the repos). I’ll fix the repos asap (still working) and I’ll inform you here.


  2. clintcan


    This repomd.xml updated and added. Please check (I am using a CentOS box to recreate the repos, so just double check to make sure).

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