Ok, ok… you might wonder, what’s a blog post about William Shatner making a social network doing here?

See the tag line of my site? “Open Source, Operating Systems, Offtopic Stuff!”. This definitely counts as “Offtopic Stuff!”. And I’m a big Star Trek fan – well, TOS and NG, as well as some other non Startrek stuff like SG-1, starring mostly my favorite actor in the first few seasons Richard Dean Anderson – the “MacGyver” guy.

Well, it’s not a social networking site (http://www.myouterspace.com) per se, for me, it looks like Mambo/Joomla with a custom template and social networking module tacked in (hey, it’s an open source CMS, at least we got the “open source” aspect in!), it is a site more geared with getting people with an interest of creating sci-fi films and games together into one site. This isn’t a site just for Trekkie (or Trekker) people… it’s more of a sci-fi community.

I’d like to think of it as a deviantart site for sci-fi people. Or CGTalk.

I’m more inclined to think that the Shat would like to look into opportunities for making sci-fi films or ventures in the future. Well, I’m all for hoping that I’ll never see a scene again where Spock, Mccoy and Kirk sing row row row your boat over a campfire again. Just a joke, I’m wishing him all the best, after all, he’s my all time favorite Star Trek captain (although I prefer Spock or Scotty as my favorite TOS character).

Come on, who could ever refuse Kirk inviting guys to join in the site in a futuristic, cheesy, red spaceship?

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