I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture. Especially with anime and manga.

For those who don’t know, manga is the Japanese equivalent of comics; anime is animation, heavilly influenced by manga styles and typically includes characters with large eyes, big hair and elongated limbs, among other things. What I find amazing with these forms of art is that they compass all subjects, from typical romance, sports, drama, comedy, and other things as well!

If you have some friends that like these kinds of art (I’m pretty sure a lot of people nowadays like anime and manga), and would like to introduce linux to them, why not give them a manga-styled comic that teaches them linux?

Introducing Ubunchu!

This manga is all about the adventures of three school students in a system-admin club learning ubuntu. All the chapters of this manga are presented in a fun way, that any manga lover would appreciate.

The neat thing is, the one promoting linux (or ubuntu) is a girl! Not the guy – he’s a PC user (weird guy, weird guy, boo!)

Don’t worry though, he gets it more or less as the series progresses.

There are currently 5 chapters to this manga. In the spirit of open-source collaboration, these are translated into different languages by volunteers.

Each manga chapter introduces different topics; the first chapter for example, we see how linux has come a long way from it’s command prompt days, to a point where it is now easy to install. Moving forward to chapter 4, we are introduced to licenses. All of it is done in a funny and light way too.

Got you interested? Head to http://www.ubunchu.net/ now and download these chapters for free!

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