Short post: just had a first taste of the Proposed Repository Working Group meeting for Meego over irc. Nothing much yet, there’s still stuff the group have to find out more on the build system, but at least progress has been made.

Anyways, initial writeup for the draft of mission and scope of the team will be presented to the TSG the meeting after the TSG’s meeting on Wednesday.

I’m still getting the hang of how things are done in meego, but I’m sure I’ll get there soon enough.

Just to let you know what was discussed (at least some of it – had a flakey connection and got cut off on some portions):
1. All apps in Meego repository makes use of official or community provided APIs.
2. If a proprietary vendor has proprietary APIs it will have a proprietary store.
3. Some suggestions were made about splitting libraries into Stable and Experimental/Unstable. Stable is where official APIs and few well supported community APIs are placed. The experimental/unstable stuff is where not well maintained but useful libraries are placed.
4. Apps should avoid forking at all costs. External dependencies on the apps should mostly be Qt based.
5. A possible problem seen would be on how to deal with vendor APIs.
6. lbt (coming from the maemo side, .deb) and th0br0 (Fedora packager, rpm) will be the coordinators/representatives to the TSG for now.

There are other stuff mentioned, but basically all draft – all have to be presented to TSG. Since there is so little info yet on the Build System, all these things will most probably be subject to change in once TSG guidelines for meego emerges.

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