For those finding the latest git windows build of arora is too buggy for you, here’s some great news.

I have compiled openssl 0.9.8n dlls on windows, and used them for the arora 0.10.2 stable build. With these in mind, arora 0.10.2 is running as sweet as ever.

You may download the stable binary for windows installer at the ostalks ibiblio mirror

4 thoughts on “Arora 0.10.2 Stable With SSL Support Windows Build”
  1. I am sorry to say that this build may have SSL support but is otherwise totally useless: it is unable to show any images — just blue boxes with question marks on all sites, including google and this one. The 0.10.0 build for Windows from the Arora project page shows most images but does not support SSL, so it is equally useless for logging into some sites.

  2. Hi Mariusz,

    I’ll try compiling a newer version when I get the time… been too busy with work stuff – it seems like I see all those images from my compiled build, but for some other computers it doesn’t – might be the Qt SDK version. I’ll download a newer one as soon as possible (of course Arora is still in it’s infancy stages).

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