Short post.

I want share to you that I compiled some meego 1.1 rpms for openvpn (I can’t use my meego netbook for work because it doesn’t have openvpn in it’s default repositories). All you need to do is to download the rpm files in the ostalks ibiblio mirror:


install the last rpm first before installing openvpn.

Have fun!

If you want the source rpms, they are located here:

You need to install the meego sdk.

Just needed to compile:
rpmbuild –rebuild –target=i586 pkcs11-helper-1.07-5.src.rpm
to install openvpn dependency, then

rpm -Uvh pkcs11-helper-1.07-5.src.rpm

and then go ahead to compile openvpn:
rpmbuild –rebuild –target=i586 openvpn-2.1.1-2.src.rpm

then use rpm -Uvh openvpn-2.1.1-2.src.rpm

to install. If you see dependency errors, just install these deps by using the command:
sudo zypper install

3 thoughts on “Openvpn for Meego 1.1 (Updated with source RPMS)”
  1. hi.

    thanks for rpm, but I aint gonna use it.
    please excuse me about to use your blog as my soapbox.
    linux sux because of all the different repositories the eventually break one another.
    everybody is making repositories/repos that eventual drive the user to hate/reinstall linux.
    repos are the dumbing down of linux. your article would be better served as a howto compile openvpn for meego.
    if people want repos, let them stick with windows and windows update

    ha ha, people probably disagree with me but i feel better for saying it.

    p.s. it’s good you put the time into this contribution. would look forward to article on compiling openVPN

    kind regards

  2. Interesting thought Ian. Actually I compiled openvpn using the standard sdk of meego as I remember it correctly, so there should be no dependencies whatsoever.

    Anyways updated the article to include the srpms.

  3. Btw, tried compiling connman (connection manager used in meego) the latest version, but that needed a new Xtables version. Compiling that Xtables (which is part of meego core) resulted in crashing meego spectacularly.

    So I decided not to update any Meego Core components, thus deviating my install from the core meego distro,and installed the standard Openvpn app instead.

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