Just a quickie video post. Since this reseller keeps quiet on whether they will update their commtiva z71 variant, I decided to upgrade my phone myself. Got much faster speed, and I’m very satisfied with the result! Been working with phonegap too – so android development, here I come!

18 thoughts on “Froyo Mod on Commtiva Z71 Variant (Cherry Mobile Nova)”
  1. hi sir. I also have a cherry mobile nova for a phone.. I’m using cyanogenmod7 but it has a lot of bugs. I know that the ROM you’re using is more stable than mine but I had to revert since that ROM (bakpia keju) does not have tunneling support (no tun.ko module available) so I can’t use openVPN…

    Can you post some tutorials on how to make openVPN work there? Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

  2. I haven’t tried openvpn yet on the phone, but have tried pptp vpn (windows vpn) to connect to servers (works on Keju).

    But you might want to try:

    The first link has an apk installer file for you to download and install openvpn on your android phone.

    The second one shows how to let you configure openvpn on your rooted phone.

    There are also openvpn installers on the Android Marketplace too, but I haven’t tested those yet πŸ™‚

  3. Hi nai,

    Also since cm6 is froyo, you can try looking for tun.ko at /system/lib/modules and get it by doing

    adb pull /system/lib/modules/tun.ko .

    And then use adb push when you’re in bakpia.

    I’ll try compiling the tun.ko module if I have the time, no promises, I don’t get any free time like I used to.

  4. Nice. I’m gonna try your instructions on how to compile tun.ko, seems cryptic for me since I’ve got very little linux background, I’ll update once I’ve successfully done it! πŸ™‚ Thanks a whole lot! πŸ™‚

  5. i don’t know how to flash using sut 1.7. adb driver need? because i can’t install adb driver. please help i want to upgrade my phone.

  6. Hey ray,

    The phone has a cd (autorun) with drivers for adb there – it should start up like a cd when you plug it in (runs setup.exe).

    SUT also installs drivers to the computer for the phone’s download mode. Just run it. All the things you need are in there.

  7. Hey Billy,

    I’ll try to whip up an instruction soon for upgrading to froyo. Also, yup, froyo has speech to text in messaging – but with the catch that you have to be connected to the net to make it work.

  8. ser! wala bqang side effect yang rom na yan? whats the diffrence between the cyanogenmod and your rom? thanks! im planning to buy cm nova.,. us it worth the price po ba? wala bang casing na jelly?

  9. @melvin

    I’m currently using Skyfish King ROM by Phantom [2.2]. Difference between these roms and cyanogen is that these are modded roms based on original Apanda or Foxconn (the manufacturer who makes these phones, and the apple ipods and iphones too).

    Bakpia is good, however a little dated, Skyfish is more up to date and so far no problems.

  10. Hi! May I ask how is the battery life while using this rom? (light, moderate and hard) I tried using cm7 but I’m having wifi problems from the batt and memory fix. So my batt life sux. (Never lasted a day even with light usage) Even standby is consuming a lot of batt.

  11. i have a problem with cm nova. Mobile Network status is always disconnected. Can’t use google apps(market, gmail) can’t send sms and make call. I can receive both fine though. Any thoughts or solutions?

  12. With Bakpia, I can get at least a day to a day and a half max (light to heavy usage), with some settings tweaks. Heavy usage is usually a little less than a day.

    With Skyfish, I can with some tweaks in settings, reach a little more than 2 days on light usage, more than a day with moderate, and of course usually with heave usage, a little less than a day to a day with heavy usage.

    CM has usually notorious battery life issues (except when you use the AOSP kernel, which improves battery life).

  13. If you’re using CM (6 or 7), there are sometimes issues with wifi, and some other quirks. That’s why I tend to use skyfish now.

  14. just switched to phantom king skyfish rev2d.
    Already noticed the improved battery life. Just had some problems with mp4 vids at first. (green line at the top part) Fixed by editing a line in build.prop

  15. I rooted my Z71 to CynogenMod7 but after that, My PC does not recognize my phone and wont detect my SD Card as Mass Storage device. I checked device manager and there is a question mark on Z71. Can someone help me with this one? I badly need help… πŸ™

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