Hi guys,

Another short post. I went to a small group hosted by techtalks (my former boss was one of the co-organizers) in IT Park. I met a lot of interesting people there, and there were quite a number of foreigners too (having their startups, some in the process of making a startup, etc)!

In short, this was a great experience because I for one dream to make a startup of my own too (poor programmer, no funds to do it – but the stuff I found there was educational to say the least).

Anyways, I saw a team of young guys (from the looks of it, new graduates, or even maybe in college), who have a startup company named Spelldial. Well, I maybe an old fart, but I when I see enthusiasm, especially from youth, of course, as heck, I get impressed.

What is SpellDial? From their website, it says:

SpellDial is a technology that allows you to dial names instead of numbers. This is applicable only for those who have setup a spelldial account. Once you have checked the availability of your username you can register it to point to a specific number. So instead of dialing a number, you dial their username.

They have a webapp that you can point your android or iphone to, but nevertheless, when you point that url to your desktop browser, it doesn’t work (obvious reasons).

I then took a quick peek at their api, and made a php wrapper class for it in about an hour (so that you won’t need to think about the details of calling the api). It’s as simple as doing these lines of code:


I know, the api yet is apparently in their very early stages (some of their api functions return nothing), but considering they are all young guys, it’s a great start for them 😉

Get my spelldial class here. I might in the future make an actionscript class (for flash users) and maybe even a java class for this one, but no promises.

Here’s the spelldial class in action (it’s a quick hack, so I’m sorry it’s ugly) 🙂

2 thoughts on “Spelldial Class”
  1. Hi Clint!

    This is some cool stuff you made here. I know it’s quite simple, but it’s a step for all of us, and I’m happy and grateful that you published this. Thanks!

    By the way, I noticed you mentioned that some of the API functions return nothing. I may not have noticed that. I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me some more details.

    Thanks and enjoy!


  2. Hey Albert,

    Simplicity of the API ensures that it’s easily understood and implemented by all ;). Anyways, I sent you email.

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