Some interesting notes about Tizen and Meego (based on unofficial sources gathered by the Meego Network France, which was sent to the Meego dev mailing list) – so take them with a grain of salt (got some of the details there):

1. When Tizen was announced, it was more of a “political” decision of a future system than the announcement of an existing new technical platform (Intel and Samsung and the Linux foundation are still thinking of how to create it based on Meego and Limo, so that’s why no additional technical info was released yet).

2. Big part of Tizen will be the framework and the corresponding SDK to support HTML5-WAC applications. Native applications development will be supported through the use of EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries). What this means that the UI will be EFL based, not Qt based. This doesn’t mean though that Qt cannot be integrated as an add-on, as we see below:

3. Meego will form a big part of the components that are not Qt based (from what I understand including most of the core systems), and Limo will supply the EFL components.

4. What #3 basically means is that this is largely a Meego system with Qt removed; however, one can basically make a Qt-derivative since the core is hugely Meego.

I personally haven’t touched Enlightenment or their libraries since the early 2000s (peanutlinux days), but I do know that EFL is quite lightweight and is sponsored heavily by Samsung for use in their products and platforms.

This is gonna be interesting because what ensues is a probable tension between the Qt proponents and the EFL proponents. We also know that a number of Qt developers developing for Meego have been alienated by the Tizen announcement. All we can do is wait for this to sort out.

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