This is just really a short port.

Although I bought my Tomato flashed router quite a while ago, it was only now that I started looking into the features of this software (I revived a damaged 500Gb SATA harddisk which was replaced by a 1TB harddisk on my desktop machine). As such, I’m pretty much impressed by what I had in front of me. All you need to do is to enable it (as shown in this screenshot – default values are ok) and make sure your tomato NTFS filesystem is enabled.

Media Server

If you want to separate the photos, music and video files, you can add the appropriate mounted directories on the Media Directories section of the page shown.

Indeed, it’s a big thumbs up for this CDRKing Dual-WAN Router (I know, it’s been quite a while since it’s been released, but man, I can’t recommend it enough!) – aside from being an adequate load-failover device for the ISP connection here, it also serves as my media server streaming box (and NAS).

Video down below. The possibilities are many with this cheap router.

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