A friend last year gave me in exchange for a website (which I practically made mainly as a favor) a service where you load yourself prepaid cellphone plans at a discount. The service is called Vmobile, and I like it a lot.

I actually use this quite often, as I use different prepaid cellphone services (mainly for small hobby projects – one of which was the raspberry pi with asterisk, which I wrote earlier and loading up my family’s phones), and paying less for these plans helps a bit to keep costs low.

No, I’m not going to invite you to join (well, if you guys are curious about it, feel free to ask – lol), but I am thinking of placing this little app I made for my internal use on my android phone at the google store, which was created last year to help me out in remembering what codes to place in.

It’s basically looks like this:

You choose what type of product and product you want to load the cellphone number with, and when the button is pressed, you will be directed to the messaging center with the appropriate codes.

I am thinking of doing some fancy stuff in it too, but I’m really too busy with deadlines at work for the moment.

What do you think? Should I place this in the Google Play Store?

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