This is going to be a short, but somewhat unconventional update of what’s been going in my neck of the woods.  This current pandemic is to blame for all of this; however, despite being stuck in lockdown for about almost two months, this is also a good time to at least update this personal blog – I wouldn’t have been able to update if it were more normal times because of constant traveling and projects keeping me busy.

Let’s get this off the bat.

Aside from development and systems work (I’m a developer by heart), I’ve been affiliated with a company that does IT Consultancy and work as an IT Consultant and IT Trainer of sorts for the past years – WorldTech Information Solutions.  I’ve been invited for talks too from different organizations and schools, pertaining to IT Security, Blockchain and Privacy.  In that time too, I’ve been doing projects for Pentesting and Vulnerability Assessments/Risk Management for a number of companies and organizations.

Also, I’ve had some odd projects like working on compiling putty to macs, the putty4mac product by Tom Wickline.

The past number of years were hectic to say the least.

I’ve been a cyberlabs speaker for for CyberConAsia 2017 and 2018.

Attended workshop hands-on trainings in Malaysia for a Kaspersky product.

With WorldTech, we’ve conducted a Forensics Conference:

No conferences were done on 2019, because I’ve been involved in helping out and facilitate the ADMM-Plus Event hosted by the Department of Defense (in which the countries of New Zealand and the Philippines were the hosts of the event), in partnership with Worldtech. This event involved participants and representatives of the different Department of Defense Agencies in ASEAN and Asia Pacific.

Many other things happened, but I can’t really cover all here (personal advocacy like speaking about blockchain, security, programming, and startups). And of course, my first love in tech, Linux.

And that’s basically what I’ve been up to all these years.

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