Hi there!

I am Clint Christopher Canada, and I am a web applications developer/system administrator by profession.  I’ve been involved in a number of open source projects in the past, and find contributing in open source projects to be a great and satisfying experience.

On a spare note, I enjoy listening to good Christian and Jazz style music, and am involved in a number of ministry activities (personal stuff), as well as doing talks in schools in the past on promoting open source awareness.  I am also part of a linux users group on my local area.

You can also look for me in my Google Plus page here.

  1. Lee M. Sattelmeyer

    Mr. Canada,
    I would like your permission to use your 4-digit random number generator in a SMART Notebook file I’m creating for my elementary school students. The file will not be used in any commercial way. Nor will it be posted on the Internet. It will be used with elementary school students in my building, Lomond Elementary School. There is a possibility it could end up being shared within the district.

    The flash program will be credited to you on any page that it is used.

    Lee M. Sattelmeyer

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